5 ways to get social during #cipdnap16

nap hashtag

Are you coming along to the CIPD Northern Area Partnership conference this year? And if not… why not?

Whether you can make it in person or will be watching from afar, here are a few ways you can get social and join in with the event.

  1. Hashtag away. We will be sharing plenty on the run up to the conference using the hashtag #cipdnap16, so keep your eye on it for all the information you need about the event.  The hashtag creates a resource for everyone.  Which leads onto……
  2. Share stuff.  Help us create a useful back channel of information and learning for everyone, whether or not they are at the event.
  3. Engage with @CIPD_NAP on Twitter.  If you are not following us over there already, head over there right away!  And if you aren’t already on Twitter, this is a great time to set up an account and connect with fellow conference delegates.  If you get stuck, look out for our resident tweeter @HR_Gem who will be happy to help!
  4. Follow the speakers. You can find all of their Twitter handles below. Give them a tweet!
  5. Check out the blogs.  We will be live blogging some of the sessions right here and our resident blogger Ian Pettigrew of Kingfisher Coaching (@KingfisherCoach) will be blogging too over at http://www.kingfishercoaching.com/ providing overviews and insights from sessions across the conference.

 We will see you there – in the social world or IRL!




















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