Spaces In-between 

Julie Drybrough, better known to many as Fuchsia Blue, talks to the delegate of CIPD NAP about the power of workplace conversation.  


A session filled with simple but graceful thoughts and concepts. Including inbuilt challenges to our thinking, and the way we usually do things when we engage in conversations at work. 

Some of those thoughts arising, standing out within the session. 
Before you begin any conversation is a moment of silence in which anything can happen. 

Real dialogue means talking with people, not at people. 

Dialogue, getting people to talk well together, is a slow process. 

Some conversations hold, others are more like a leaky bucket. 

Monologue is safe. 

The spaces in-between, is an opportunity to dialogue. 

The myths of change. If your world shifts around you, it is personal. It is felt. 

Conversations take place in a container.  Who and what is within it? 

Four pillars for powerful conversations. Active listening. Speaking with authentic voice. Suspension of judgement. Respecting. 

Why don’t we let people speak?  What is in it for us to make others silent? 

After you have thought together, what happens next? Sometimes unexpected.

The paradox that going fast can mean working really slowly. 

Stay curious, always. 

Working with emerging futures. This is what we are doing, more and more. We need to refine the plan. 

And finally. Think about joy. There are days when things are tough. Filled with emotions. When in the midst of change, when things feel difficult, find your joy. 

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