Opening keynote. Simples. 

Ryan Cheyne, formally of Pets at Home and very shortly of Rental Cars, opened the CIPD NAP conference today. He shared his story about how Pets at Home achieved their multiple awards for being a great place to work. He also shared some cool animal pictures, but you had to be there to see those. 

Here’s the thing. 

What he shared was warm, funny and very very straightforward. 

Short but succinct mission statements. 

Focused and detailed training. 

Handwritten thank you notes. 

Effective recognition. 

Great recruitment focusing on hiring people who align to the mission. 

Very straightforward performance review processes. 

Good internal communication.

These are just some of the examples he talked through. 

All with an inbuilt assumption that if you get the people stuff right then the customer stuff and the financial stuf will follow.  As colleague engagement increased Pets at Home could evidence that so did customer loyalty. 

Nothing Ryan talked about was especially difficult. This is both good and bad. It’s good, because any HR department or professional could try it, at their place. Without huge investment. But there is a another side too – because if this can be done then the question arises. Why haven’t we? What is stopping us?

Pets at Home created an amazing workplace by getting the basic people stuff right. 

 Maybe this session should be seen as a challenge. 

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