Officially excited – CIPD NAP

Here is one of our event bloggers Emma Browes talking about what she is looking forward to this week at CIPD NAP. You can follow Em on Twitter as @EmmaBrowes for live tweeting and blogging from the event.

Emma Browes HR

Why am I looking forward to CIPD Northern Area Partnership (NAP) Conference? Frankly it’s right up my street. Literally, it’s the nearest conference to where I live in years.  Travel plans aside there’s more reasons to be at CIPD NAP than it’s proximity to my house.

The theme is ‘Creating an Amazing Workplace… through well-being and engagement; improving peformance and the bottom line’.  The conference takes place on Friday 19th June and Saturday 20th June at York Racecourse.  More details here!

I’m mainly hoping that the speakers and through conversations I might answer some questions that I keep returning to…

1)What is ‘The Workplace’ these days?  For a particular type of worker and even a part of some customer facing roles – does it still exist, do we still have a ‘Place of Work’? with the rise of mobile (it’s not going away, people!) will everyone be working in starbucks? Except the Starbuck’s employees  –…

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