Three Words

At this year’s CIPD NAP conference, we are looking at creating amazing workplaces.

What makes and sustains an amazing place to work.  What is the people stuff that you need to turn this from theory into a reality.  Aspirational?  Perhaps.  But we think it is a good thing to strive for.

We have a question for you.

When you think of what makes an amazing workplace, what three words come to mind?  What is your definition of an amazing workplace?

We posed the question on Twitter recently.  Our responses included words like flexibility. Opportunity.  Equality. They included aspirational worlds like freedom, empowerment and trust.

Our favourite so far is from Julie Drybrough.


We want to know what are the three words you associate with great places to work?  So please tweet them using the hashtag #cipdnap15, or add them to the comments of this post.   We look forward to your words!

And if you want to come along to the conference, to find out more about making your place amazing, then you can find out more here.


Note: we had lots of contribution to this topic on social media.  Here is the output:

Word Cloud

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2 Responses to Three Words

  1. Susan says:

    Trust – respect – integrity


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