Clive Wilson – all about his #CIPDNAP15 session

What a fabulous theme “Creating an amazing workplace…” is.  It’s probably the quest that unites everyone in or associated with the human resources profession and every manager too.

I’m delighted to have a short time with you to explore the hypothesis that amazing workplaces are in fact purposeful workplaces, as defined and unpicked in my new book Designing the Purposeful Organization – how to inspire business performance beyond boundaries, published this February by Kogan Page.

As well as sharing an overview of the book, I will be running some group sessions to explore how we can use this hypothesis practically in your organization right now.

By the end of the workshop, I trust we will agree that being purposeful is about the “why” of what we do, as seen from the perspective of all our stakeholders and distilled into a single inspiring idea.  Then it’s about using our best organizational development skills to align everything we do to this point of focus.  In a nutshell it’s about vision, engagement, structure, character, results, success and talent.  These are the “conditions” for purposeful performance.

The most inspiring thing for me is the anticipation of hearing some of the challenges you face in the creation of amazing workplaces.  I trust that the concept of “purpose” will provide us some real clues and hopefully some action plans.

If you’d like to get ahead of the game, feel free to get hold of a copy of Designing the Purposeful Organization.  If you go to  Use code DPOLP25 and get 25% off and free delivery.  Bring your copy along to York Racecourse and I’ll think of something personal and inspiring to write inside the cover if you so wish.

See you in York!


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